Oxford Scribes

9 December 2015 - 9 January 2016

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I shall be participating in the exhibition of Lettering Art by Oxford Scribes at The North Wall Arts Centre in Oxford.

The North Wall, South Parade, Oxford OX2 7JN

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Art in Action

16 - 19 July 2015

This Year I was demonstrating at ART in ACTION at Waterperry House near Oxford for 4 days.

I was in the "Calligraphy" tent (not the "Newcomers" tent as presently shown on the website).

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I took my latest body of work to exhibit. This is pencil lettering and that is what I was demonstrating…........your name for you in a configured panel or a short quotation.

I had pieces of work for sale that were drawn and painted lettering.

Below are some examples of my pencil work lettering that I was demonstrating.

Art in Action image 1

Rat Race

Art in Action image 2

Hokey Cokey

Art in Action image 3

Fish need Bicycles

Art in Action image 4

KEAK 1982

Art in Action image 5

Clementine - example of a name

A recent Commission

Some years ago my friend Suzanne Askham asked me to write out DUM VIVIMUS VIVAMUS (While we Live, Let us Live) as a present for her partner Steven Day. She knew it would hang in the hall of their house so I painted a background on a slim wooden panel loosely based on the pattern of the Turkish rug that lay on the wood floor.

I had recently been studying the classical inscriptional capital letters through history with Hazel Dolby and from that had designed an alphabet that resonated of the past but is of today, very suitable for this text.

Earlier this year Steven asked me to write out a Haiku that Suzanne had written for him to celebrate their 25 years together. That evening switching off slightly from what was on television I started in my sketch book drawing quirky letters, the inspiration coming from a piece I had seen in a recent Letter Exchange exhibition. I scanned them to Steven who said go ahead. I had earlier that week, apropos of something else, mentioned the phrase ‘end of day pallet’ to Suzanne and she had liked the idea of using up mixed paints to create the next piece.

So the background for this piece started life at the end of a day’s painting with me finishing it by intuitively choosing colours of Suzanne. The letters are silver for 25, there are shapes in the letters that mean something to Suzanne, and finally when Steven and their daughter Grace came to see the piece, they thought the marks top right on the page were there purposefully as they mimic some mason’s marks on their house wall….they were in fact me testing the paint and brush. A commission full of resonances and joy.

Please see Suzanne Askham's own comments about this commission here

A recent commission

Our 25 Years
support of parents
laughter of children and us
love and adventure

Suzanne Askham