Caroline Keevil is a Lettering Artist. She designs and makes paintings to commission and for exhibition in her studio in Wiltshire.

The genesis for every piece is the text. A pencil and sketch book sets in motion the development of intuitive associations and connections which lead to letterforms which belong to the sensibilities of the words, be they humorous, emotional, religious, instructive…. From this the technology of the piece will evolve, whether it is to be a simple piece of pencil drawn classic letters (see Proverbs) on an exquisite piece of paper; or loving, warm and enlivening letters (see Our 25 Years) on a painted background.

Most of my work now is drawn and painted lettering, I seldom use the broad edged pen.

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Caroline Keevil is also a Smocking Artist.

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The process of a commission:

Contact me either by email or by telephone to discuss what you have in mind and to give me your piece of text. This will set me drawing and I will then invite you to the studio to see my sketches of possibilities and for you to see my work hanging here. At this meeting we will discuss budget and delivery date. Be mindful that the text drives the design - I could be doing a simple piece of lettering which can be a swift process to complete and therefore an early delivery date and a low budget. Or the text could speak of a painted background and complicated lettering – a long job with an extended delivery date and a bigger budget. Once these details are established at this meeting I will be able to give you a formal quotation.

I can then arrange to have the piece framed locally for which I can get you a price. I like to finish my work by mounting it on a box frame with no glass; I like that there is no interference between the reader and the painting; I like that the box is simple to hang and lies flat against the wall, that it throws shadows on the wall; I like that it is a tactile piece of work. Otherwise if classically framed with glass I often paint the frame so that it belongs to the piece of work.